Dear Courtfield Member,

Happy New Year!

As we start to emerge from the pandemic, it seemed a good time to review the Membership Scheme.

The good news is that we will hold monthly fees at their current rates for a further 12 months.

However, what has become clear over the past 2 years is that demand for telephone and e-mail consultations has grown enormously, to the point where it is becoming necessary for us to reduce the number of face-to-face consultations to accommodate this work.

We are therefore no longer able to include any form of “remote consulting” i.e. e-mail or telephone consultations in the scheme, which will be for face-to-face consultations only.

We had, in fact, introduced this change just prior to the pandemic but did not fully implement it due to the reduction in face-to-face consultations that ensued.

Face-to-face consultations have been back to their pre-pandemic levels for some time now, but despite this, the demand for remote consulting continues to increase.

Telephone and e-mail consultations will therefore attract a charge from the 1st February which will be discounted to members at 50% of the fee charged to non-members.

The standard fee is £120 (i.e. £60 to members), although this can vary at the discretion of the doctor.

Best wishes from the team at Courtfield Private Practice