Dr Laura Wood has taken part in a series of video chats for Bumps, Babies & Beyond – a 48-part video series exclusive to Yahoo! Lifestyle. The online news magazine highlights key issues ranging from health and parenting, to fashion and relationships.

In the first three videos, which were hosted by Myleene Klass, Dr Wood was joined by a group of mothers to discuss common problems experienced by new mums.

Body changes no one told you about

This episode discussed the things you should be warned about before you have a baby. New mothers talked about the things no one told them, such as unexplained hair loss, stretch marks and physical changes to their bodies.


Common Pregnancy Myths

The next episode set out to debunk some commonly held beliefs, such as ‘You can travel by air in your first trimester’ or ‘First babies are always late’ and ‘Pregnancy cravings mean you are lacking something in your diet’.


When should you take your baby to the doctor?

This episode discussed issues that worry the inexperienced new mother, such as understanding and coping with baby’s first illness and at what point a mother should follow her instincts and take her baby to the doctors.