Dear Courtfield Patient,

Further to last week’s update, we are pleased to report a definite reduction in new cases of Coronavirus within the Courtfield population. Only one new case in the past week and although two patients have required admission to hospital for oxygen treatment, both are at home and improving.

We are learning how long it can take to fully recover from this illness and continue to monitor patients at home in the recovery phase, sometimes for several weeks.

We would once again like to remind you, that we are all still here (!) and to encourage you to contact us if you have medical concerns at all – not just Coronavirus related. We are concerned that some of you with significant medical problems may not be contacting us out of concern that we are too busy or that we will not be able to see you. This is not the case and we do now have capacity to help. We are particularly keen to support those  of you whose mental health has been adversely affected

In addition to being available for “remote consultations”, there is also a doctor in the building everyday available for face-to-face consultations where it is safe to do so. Home visits are also an option – although there is an additional fee for home visits.

Other important updates include:


Frustratingly, there has been no confirmation from the government on availability of approved testing. We are aware of an increased number of private laboratories offering testing, but until such time as tests have become approved, we are not able to recommend this. Even if a test proved positive, it is almost certain that in order to confirm immunity (which may well be necessary before returning to work or for travel), that a separate government approved test would also have to be undertaken for formal certification of immunity. We will keep you updated on a weekly basis about this.


We have been informed this week by The Commission on Human Medicines’ Expert Working Group, that there is insufficient evidence to link Ibuprofen/Nurofen with increased severity of Coronavirus. Whilst it remains sensible to use Paracetamol as the first line treatment of fever, headache or muscle pain, if symptoms are not controlled with Paracetamol alone then Ibuprofen can be safely taken in addition.

In conclusion, please do not hesitate to contact us about ANY health-related matter – including via the out of hours number 07801 748 692 when the practice is closed.

Whilst we all expect “lockdown” to continue for at least another three weeks, there is increasing evidence that we have now reached the peak and will soon start to see a reduction in number of new cases.